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March 02, 2012

The Final Finish It Friday…for a while anyway

Hello my Finish It Friday friends. I hope you all had a fantastic week. Before we get to sharing our lists for the week, I wanted to let you all know that it’s time for me to take a break from Finish It Friday. My weekends are getting very basketball heavy…which means I need to shift even more of my to-do list to weeknights…which means there isn’t all that much to talk about in my Finish It Friday posts. The upside to all of this is that this will give us more space for Freebie Fridays and other fun blog posts that Jennifer and I have been dreaming up. So, while I know some of you are going to be disappointed in this decision, it is my hope that you’ll enjoy the new stuff we’re cooking up.


Alright…onto my list!


Checklist-copyright-simplify101Play List

  • Go to Dewey’s. Okay my local friends, this is big news. Have you heard? Dewey’s Pizza is coming to Edwardsville! And when I say excited, I mean I’m a bit nuts over this news. I have been driving by the building for the past couple of months, just to check on progress. Yep, I’ve got a thing for Dewey’s. If you haven’t eaten at Dewey’s before (they have a couple of locations in St. Louis), then you're going to be in for a big treat. The doors open to the public on March 5th, but thanks to Jennifer we got a friends and family reservation this weekend. Hooray! I can’t wait. I can't wait! I can't wait!
  • Basketball, basketball, basketball.
  • Run. Not sure how I will fit this in...but I need a run. :)
  • Organize with my friend Janine. So fun—this time Janine is coming to my house to do some organizing. Hooray!


To Finish

  • Laundry. It just wouldn’t be Finish It Friday without some laundry discussion, right? This week, the hampers are quite full on Friday, even though I did quite a few loads during the week. Guess it’s still the backlog from being gone so much last weekend.  
  • Finish organizing my office closet. Yes, this is double dipping on my to-do list…but it’s fun and something I want to finish up this weekend and definitely the main thing I will be doing during my pockets of free time.


Okay friends…now it’s your turn. What’s on your to-do list this weekend? Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you have a fantastic weekend!



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Aby, you crack me up. I hope you have a delicious meal at Dewey's! Have fun!


Your play list sounds really fun!!! I've been trying to move more of my to dos to the weeknights too. :)


Thanks Jennifer and Emily. :)


Enjoy your dinner out, Aby! I will be sad to see Finish it Fridays go, but will keep doing my own. We have company again this weekend so much of my big cleaning is done! Yeah!


Science Fair project work - supervise my oldest two
Donation bag ready to drop off on Monday
Clean up email inbox


Little League practice for my oldest
Family movie + pizza night
Dr Seuss night at school!
Sat or Sun am run
Birthday party for my daughter to attend
Basketball game for my daughter
Dinner out Saturday night after the game


Aby, I will definitely miss Finish It Fridays, but I totally understand...and I'm sure we'll see them again :)

Soccer season begins for us this month and I know how that can suck up the time. But it's worth it!!!

Like Keri, I plan on continuing a FIF list on my own each week. It's great motivation AND provides a great focus for my weekends.

I felt rotten today and have ended up sleeping most of the day, so lots will be shifted until tomorrow. We'll see how it goes:

*Watch local high school soccer games with family
*Family movie/pizza night
*Creative time (we'll see where this goes...hopefully I'll get some time to work on Project Life)
*Take a walk

*Prepare for Bible class
*Prepare for 4H meeting
*Lesson plans
*Make progress on financial/bookkeeping work
*Make progress on taxes
*Make progress on directory project with son
*Write March goal statements
*Sew button on shirt
*Decide on curriculum purchase
*Finish laundry

I'm sure there's lots more that needs done, but if I get this list accomplished, it will be a success. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


I had never noticed until you mentioned it that you lived in Edwardsville! Very familiar with that area. My brother went to school there and they live in area.

Jeannine B.

So sad for Finish It Friday to go away - but I understand, as our soccer season is getting ready to heat up!!!

Here's my list:

Play List:

1. Celebrate my birthday with family and friends!
2. Watch my daughter's last indoor soccer game!

To Finish:
1. Laundry!
2. Menu plan for next week.
3. Grocery Shopping.
4. Exercise!
5. Finish cleaning up and organizing the office.

Thanks for all of the inspiration. I sure hope Finish It Friday comes back sometime in the future. I love playing along!


I'm going to miss FIF but I understand. Hope you have fun at dinner and a great weekend.


To Do:
Clean House
Bank - Done
Library - Done
Meal Planning
FSA Forms - Done

Had trouble trying to post my list yesterday so a few things are done already. Maybe I start a Tackle It Tuesday and try to get more things done during the week. Have a great weekend everyone and I'll miss seeing everyone's comments.

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