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March 05, 2012

Monday Check In!

Here’s the place to share your updates from the past weekend! Hope you had a great one! Here’s my update. 


Play List

  • Go to Dewey’s. Dewey’s did not disappoint. Jay and I had a great time, and the food was delicious! We’ll definitely be going back…a lot. :)
  • Basketball, basketball, basketball. That really should have read basketball, basketball, basketball, basketball, basketball, basketball. That’s right, six games this weekend my friends. So check, check, check, check, check, check! ;)
  • Run. Check!  
  • Organize with my friend Janine. Check! It was so fun…and we made great progress on my office closet.  


To Finish

  • Laundry. Check! The hampers are empty once again. Hooray!
  • Finish organizing my office closet. Almost a check on this one. I have a few little things to finish up…but I’m getting there. 

So there’s my update! Can’t wait to hear yours… 


Have a happy Monday!



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Here's my update for the weekend. I didn't accomplish 100% of my list, but did pretty well.

*Watch local high school soccer games with family - CHECK!
*Family movie/pizza night - CHECK!
*Creative time (we'll see where this goes...hopefully I'll get some time to work on Project Life) - CHECK!
*Take a walk - nope. I did not feel well on Friday & was really busy on Saturday, so this just did NOT happen.

*Prepare for Bible class - CHECK!
*Prepare for 4H meeting - CHECK!
*Lesson plans - CHECK!
*Make progress on financial/bookkeeping work - CHECK (baby steps, right?)!
*Make progress on taxes - no
*Make progress on directory project with son - CHECK!
*Write March goal statements - no
*Sew button on shirt - CHECK!
*Decide on curriculum purchase - CHECK!
*Finish laundry - CHECK!

In addition, I decluttered a bookcase in our living room where stuff had accumulated while I purged an old computer. It looks SO much better now!


Nice job, Lycia!


Wow that was a lot of games. Way to go on the closet Aby, hope we'll get to see the results.

Read - Finished 2 books
Shopping - Actually went out and got a bunch of bargains for my hubby

To Do:
Clean House - Done thanks to hubby
Bank - Done
Library - Done
Target - Done thanks to hubby
Wash - Done thanks to hubby
Meal Planning - Done thanks to hubby
FSA Forms - Done

I ended up spending Sunday on the couch not feeling great but I was happy about getting out Saturday, just think I over did it Sat. I'm slowly recovering thank goodness. I hope to start to get back to a routine this week slowly.
Hope everyone has a great week. I'm going to miss FIF. I'm actually thinking about getting things done on Tuesday and Friday so I can have the weekends free to spend with hubby.


Thanks, Dottie! I'll miss hearing about your weekends! Great idea to get things done during the week so you can enjoy the weekends with your husband. :)



Laundry - DONE
Vacuum - DONE
Dusting - Half-done
Science Fair project work - supervise my oldest two - They made great progress!
Donation bag ready to drop off on Monday - No :(
Clean up email inbox - DONE


Little League practice for my oldest - Rained out!
Family movie + pizza night - FUN!
Dr Seuss night at school! - We opted for a lazy family night instead
Sat or Sun am run - DONE
Birthday party for my daughter to attend - Fun!
Basketball game for my daughter - Fun!
Dinner out Saturday night after the game - Yeah!
Reading - Next to none, well other than the newspaper.

Our last weekend of company for a while. I am ready for a it of down time. :)


Thanks, Aby :)


hello all ~ catching up with myself after a couple of weeks of yet more illness in the house. tougher this time as hubby has been away, so 24hr solo parenting has been a challenge.

well done everyone on so many great to do lists checked off. Aby great to hear you had fun organising with Janine. Dottie how cool your hubby helped out. Kerri hope you enjoy the coming quiet time. Lycia looks like you got a lot done.

Sadly I didn't get a chance to take part in the last finish it friday :( but I did manage to get my very very short to do list done ~
1. hubby home briefly so sleep in on Saturday after 4 nights of little sleep ~ check
2. buy new kettle on/off switch just broke ~ check
3. unpack organic vegetable and fruit box and figure out how to use it ~ check
fun stuff
1. lunch at favourite thai restaurant ~ check

Going to miss the FIF posts. Have been using them as entries in my Project Life album, so will be thinking about how to keep the list going. Thanks Aby for getting me back in the habit ~ enjoy the basketball season.

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