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February 09, 2012

Top 10 Paper Clutter Tamers


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Hey I found you via Pinterest.

This is a great article going to retweet it!

Thanks! These are some frugal ways to get organized.


Thanks so much for sharing retweeting the article! Happy organizing and saving. :)


Looking for Home Organization Ideas

I love your organization style! Organization doesn't have to be strictly utilitarian. You help me realize that it can be fun and cute and crafty! I especially love this post. Most of my clutter - probably 98% of it - comes from loose papers floating around. As a writer, it's hard to avoid. But you give some ideas that will add to my decor rather than detract from it, all the while wrangling my stacks of notes and stories.


Huge question! How do you decide what to put in the reference binder from what to put in the action file? It seems like a lot of stuff crosses over and could be put into either or. How do you guys decide?

London self storage

Yes we can make some storage boxes at home only to store items. We can use some baskets and can paint them. And can use bags to hang on windows , which can save most of the tiny items.


@Michaela, what a terrific question. How I decide is that if it is something that requires a step on my part (a form to fill out, info to put on my calendar, a phone call to make) it's an action item. If it is something I just need to refer back to (library hours, school newsletters, sports schedules), I put it in my reference binder. There are quite a few papers in my house that move from action to reference. Does that help?

Marie B

Now I just need to get busy! But, now that I'm cradting i need help organizing all that 'craft'! :)

Marie B

*crafting*. Sorry!


Hi, Marie. Taking action is the tricky part for all of us, isn't it? Have fun with your new projects!

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