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February 02, 2012

10 Great Organizing Printables

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***10 great organizing printables copy

It’s interesting how the movie “Groundhog Day” changed the meaning of this holiday for so many people. What was once just a day about a woodchuck cum meteorologist has become synonymous with déjà vu for me. How about you?

In the movie, Bill Murray’s character was the only one reliving the day over and over again until he got it just right. For everyone else, it was all new to them. In the spirit of “Groundhog Day,” we pulled together 10 of our favorite organizing printables. No matter if you are like Phil Connors and still trying to get it right, or if you are like the rest of the good people in Punxsutawney, PA and seeing these printables for the first time, we hope you enjoy them! Below are pdfs for you to view and print, and I’m also linking back to the original blog post so you can dig a little deeper into your favorites.


Oh, and if you love printables but don’t want to add to your paper clutter, you can always pin them until you’re ready to put them to use!


Happy Groundhog’s Day and Happy Organizing!

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Jessie McLaughlin

Thanks for the neat tools! I pinned them for later use!! Love your blog!


I love these printables - they make everyday tasks so much more fun. Thanks for consolidating them into this post!


Thank you Jessie and AmyRS. :)


I need to be a more organized teacher, any suggestions?


Hi! At the start of 2012 I printed the Jan.- March One Year Organizing Lists. I would like to print the rest of the year but it is not working. I just printed a few of the other lists but can not get this one to open. Any suggestions!
Thanks! I love your tips & advice!


Hi, Tamra! Sorry you had trouble accessing the checklists! Hmmmm, I was able to open them and print them just now, so I am not sure what the trouble may be. If you try again and still can't access them, feel free to email me at {jennifer at simplify 101 dot com} and we will see what we can do!


I saw the pin for your 10 free printables and I wanted to look at them to see if they are something I could use but was unable to get them to even open up to look at. Can you tell me how I can view them and print them.

Thanks you



Maria Mastoraki Junior



@Jen and @Maria, you are most welcome! :)

Zarela de Neyra

Thanks you! that will help me!


You're welcome, Zarela!

Alicia Jackson

I love your blog I wish I could get organized. I just never quiet get to the point that I would like to be. Your sight is so inspiring. Thanks


Thanks for commenting, Alicia. You really can become more organized. If I can do it, so can you! :)

Molly Smith

Thanks so much for these lists. I LOVE the one year organizing first link! (pinned)


How can I get these to print? I would love to have some hard copies of these.


Hi, Jnswash! If you scroll down the page to just below my signature, you should see links to each of the documents along with the original blog posts. The documents are pdfs, so you should be able to open them right up using Adobe Reader. If you are still having trouble getting to these, please email me at jennifer {at} simplify101 {dot} com and I will see if I can help. Thanks so much!


I tried the menu planner, adding a shopping list, but my husband always makes last minute changes.

Nicole Kaplan

Interested in seeing your printables...

Felicia Nykaza

Thank you for sharing your list! Very helpful. I had to share it with others. Thanks again!

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