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January 01, 2012

Your January Get Organized Checklist

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Happy New Year! It’s a new month and a new year, which means, it’s time for your January Get Organized Checklist!  We’ll be putting together a post later this week that has all of the checklists for the entire year! Woohoo! So keep your eyes open for that in the next few days. But first, let's focus on January. Here’s what’s on tap this month!

January - checklist-copyright-simplify101(See below for printable pdf.)


Your January Get Organized Checklist

Set your goals for the year.  This is such a fabulous way to start the new year, by setting new goals. How would you like to improve your life over the next twelve months? If you’d like to explore that in-depth, and learn how to turn those dreams into realities, my online workshop How to Achieve Your Goals + Create a Life You Love starts on Thursday! I’m looking forward to setting new goals for the upcoming year, and would love to have you join in the fun. 


Want more info on goal setting? Here are some links to articles and blog posts I've written about goal setting.  

Turn Your Resolutions Into Realities

Goals and Resolutions: Intimidating or Empowering?

Gratitude and Goals: Two Keys to a Happy Life


Check your monthly tickler folder. And distribute the contents to your daily folders. Check out this article if you aren’t familiar with a tickler file.

Tickler file photo

A tickler file is a terrific way to keep track of time specific info, and it’s a great way to spread your to-do list items out over the course of the month. 


Clear out holiday clutter by putting away new items received as gifts. Everyone has a different time schedule for getting the holidays wrapped up, so this one may already be a check mark for some of you. But if not, here’s a little nudge to get it done this month. :)


Take down and store your holiday decorations. Let go of anything that didn’t make it out of storage this year. Ah, yes, that’s on my to-do list for today. It’s a New Year’s Day tradition around here. How about you? Does this happen later in January for you? Or are you already done?


Take care of any lingering gift returns. 


Send thank you notes for holiday gifts. I found this really cute free thank you note printable on Pinterest. The card is from the blog 74 Lime Lane. Go here for the printable. Isn't it adorble? Makes writing thank you notes that much more fun if you love the card you're using. :)


(Photo credits:  74 Lime Lane)


Declutter and organize your storage area (basement, attic or storage closet.) January is a great time to clear out long standing clutter. You’re in the mood, and all the storage bins are on sale now, too. Right? Plus, it’s such a great feeling to clear out the old at the start of the new year! 


Organize the photos you took last year and set up an organizing system for this year. This is another terrific organizing project to tackle in January!  If you’re looking for a new approach to photo organization and memory keeping, there’s still time to enter the Project Life giveaway.


Declutter + organize the holiday greeting cards you received this year. Below is a photo of a greeting card organizer I made a few years ago. The cover is chipboard covered in cardstock. Then, you simply punch holes in your cards and secure the whole thing together with binder rings. It's a simple way to enjoy your cards for years to come, without adding to the clutter! I store my card books with my Christmas decorations and put them out to enjoy each December. It’s fun to look back on the old cards, and know that the new ones will have a place to go at the end of the season.  



Here are some photos of the first one I ever made, including some inside shots:



Inside view:



Christmas letters are stored in an envelope:




Side view:


It's a fun little project that allows you to enjoy your cards for years to come...and a perfect little project to help you get organized this January!


Let go of something that’s weighing you down and start the New Year just a little bit lighter! Woohoo! Here’s to January decluttering! 


Here's the link to the printable pdf for the is months checklist:   January Get Organized Checklist


Have a happy and organized month my friends! 



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Where did you find the envelopes with the ties (you have one labeled "letters" above)? I cannot seem to find them but would love to get some. Any ideas?


thanks for the shout-out to my cards!


Hi, Sharon,
I believe I got my envelopes at Archivers...but it was quite a long time ago. If you do a Google search for "string tie envelopes" you'll find a few places you could buy some.


You're welcome Kellie! Love your site!
~ Aby


Hi Aby,
I found your site through a Pin on Pinterest. Talk about timing! It's December 31, 2012 and your organization lists for this year will work in 2013 too. I like all your tips. Here's to a more organized year in 2013!
Thank you for sharing all your knowledge on organizing. Bonnie


Thanks Bonnie! Welcome to simplify 101! Glad you found the site via pinterest. :) Happy organized 2013.



There's a pin on my Pinterest page on how to make string tie envelopes, might be under the folder crafty things.

Katie seamons

New house for 6 months and I am really struggling to find ways to stay organized in this place. A new baby two weeks after also has something to do with it, but yikes! This is taking forever! This will help I'm sure. Thanks!

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