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January 23, 2012

Monday Check In!

Hello my Finish It Friday friends! How was your weekend? I hope you had a great one! How did you do with your to-do lists? Here's my update. 


Play List

  • Play on Pinterest! Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Yep, there was no shortage of pinning this weekend, LOL. 
  • Go for a run. Check!


To Finish

  • Laundry. Check!
  • Plan weekly meals. Check! 
  • Declutter files in my office. I spent quite a bit of time on my office files this weekend. I set up one new binder and organized a second. And I cleared out a bunch of old paperwork and files. Woohoo! Feels good. There is still some work to be done (like setting up some permanent tabs and removing the purple sticky notes in binder 3), but it feels good to have made a lot of progress this weekend.   

  Biz reference binders


By the way, I absolutely loved not cleaning this weekend since we moved our weekly cleaning to Monday nights! Loved it! Will definitely keep on cleaning during the week. 


So now it's your turn. How did your weekend go? Thanks so much for sharing!



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hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Aby I so agree that cleaning is best done in the week :)

baby swim ~ done and it was so much fun
bit of shopping for me ~ we had a really girly time, just the two of us without daddy. not sure he'll appreciate me teaching her to shop so soon :) LOL

to do
put laundry away (for once it's all done during the week)~ done and have just loaded the machine to start all over again, sigh
update finances ~ done
move on with Project Life album ~ done. loving a free class '2012 : captured' I found which is all about keeping going with PL. started with note taking, so now I've got myself more organised


Sounds like you made great progress Aby on your office. I need to get back to my file cabinet cleaning.

Read - finished 2 books/started 3rd
Rest - check - all day Saturday

To Do:
Pay Bills - Done
Return Library Books - Thanks to hubby
Wash - Done
Clean House - Thanks to hubby
Grocery Shop - Done
Did a bunch of errands/shopping with GF
Ordered a birthday gift for hubby
Made birthday card for niece
Filed Insurance Paperwork/FSA - Woohoo!!!
Got my Nook to work and downloaded a book
Carpets Cleaned - Thanks to hubby - so happy to finally have this done and off the to-do-list

I'm starting to get my energy back to tackle some projects. I actually ordered a bunch of photos today and still have more to do but feels good to get going again. I was glad to hear that cleaning is working during the week. Have a great week everyone.


*Date night with DH - yay!!! - CHECK!
*Family movie/pizza night on Saturday - CHECK!
*Online classes (Goals, Roundup, Time) - sadly, no :(

*Financial paperwork/begin organizing tax info - CHECK!
*Post January bills - CHECK!
*Prepare for bible class - CHECK!
*Grade writing assignment - CHECK!
*Out-of-the-house meeting on Saturday - CHECK!
*A/C repair - CHECK!
*4H/ALPA work - CHECK!
*Plan next week's meals & make grocery list (plan mainly from pantry & freezer) - CHECK!
*Finish laundry - CHECK!


Date night with hubby- check! (loved it!)
Add a layer or two on a mixed media project- check!
Read another couple of chapters of current book- check!

To do:
Begin purging the office/ craft room- check!
Edit a month's work of photos- check!
Plan this week's meals and make shopping list- check!
Purge a handful of books from bookcase- check!


Lately it seems as if my time on the weekends has been spent surviving with all the stuff going on in my life during the week. My moms probate from 3 states away has been quite stressful!

Well with that said toss in some windy weather I wasn't motivated much so I didn't do much around the house over the weekend. Instead I read and watched a couple of movies. Oh well maybe next weekend! I did get grocery shopping done and glucose tested my kitty!

Laundry - Sort of
Gym - nope
Meal Plan - Sort of
Plan returns (cant decide which purse to keep)- Nope
Library Returns - nope
Prep Recycling - nope

Play with new tablet - Sort of
Water Class at Gym - Nope
Work on my Life Lessons BE Style - Nope
Journal - Nope
Sample shopping at Costco - Nope
Look for stuff to list on ebay - Nope but relisted stuff

Thanks Keri!!
April ~ That sounds horribly stressful! I hope it all works out quickly


Vacuum - DONE
Clean Bathrooms - DONE
Stay on top of laundry - its caught up, so keep it that way! -DONE
Dusting - DONE
Drop off glass recycling - Still in my car, waiting or there it be room in the dumpsters!
Pay bills - DONE

Pizza and movie night -Fun!
My daughter's first basketball game on Sat, she is so excited but it will probably be canceled due to weather :( - Canceled!
Birthday party for my daughter to attend on Sat afternoon - Fun!!
Bake cookies - Made basic but yummy pb cookies
Reading - Yes!
Think of something fun to do on Sunday - DH took the kids out while I had some down time :)
Workout - hoping to make it to the Y as I am tired of running on the treadmill! - Made it to the Y on Sunday! Oh happy day!


To Do -
Catch up on chores - DONE
Organizing activities - DONE
Update pantry and freezer inventory lists - DONE
Menu Plan - DONE
Order pictures - DONE

Hockey Game tonight!!Woot Woot DONE
Maybe DS Bi-County Band concert (see above)DONE SUNDAY
Project Life - A LITTLE
Game with the boys - NOPE



Can't believe it's monday already!
1.Do two more lessons in my Photo Organizing Class NOPE I need to come up with a better schedule for this
To Do:
1. Weekly housework (dust, vacumn, bathrooms, sheets, etc...) CHECK
2. Food Shopping CHECK
3. Clean out the bathroom vanity (the main bathroom deep cleaning was on the list for this week.. all done except the vanity :-) CHECK
4. Clean the laundry room.. this ones easy STARTED
5. Little more work to do on the wedding photos from last weekend and then that's off my list CHECK.. so glad to have those photos to the bride
6. List some things on Ebay NOPE
Oh and probably shovel snow.. I'd list that under fun but my back won't think so CHECK, CHECK and more CHECK and my back will attest to that

Have a fun, productive week everyone

Kait H

Basketball game w/ the family.--Check!
Game & Movie Night--Check!
Enjoy a full day off on Sunday!--Jumbo Check!
To Do:
Clean Kitchen--Check!
Wash & Put Away Laundry--1/2 Check (almost finished)!
Vac Floors--Check!
Paperwork :/ (trying to get caught up so I can put a better system in place).--Check (dedicated an hour to it but still have more to do :/)
Balance Checkbook--Check!
Work my scheduled 6 hrs on Sat.--Check!


Nice job this past weekend ladies!! Thanks for sharing your progress reports. :)

~ Aby


What exactly do you put in binders 1,2,3 etc?

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