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January 06, 2012

A Year of Organizing Checklists

 *** This post has moved to our new blog. Go here to see the post and gain access to all the organizing checklists. To find this post in the future, update your pin with this url ***




Is one of your goals this year to get more organized? If so, this post is for you. Below are monthly organizing checklists—one for each month of the year. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you may recall that last February I started a monthly “get organized checklist" post. With January's checklist, we now have a full year of checklists. Woohoo!


Below are links to all of the checklists for the year, as well as links to the original blog posts. Those posts contain more info about the tasks on the checklist. I rearranged some of the rooms for 2012, so the posts won’t follow along exactly in all cases, but it’ll be close. (And chances are good I’ll be doing some posts about the various projects during the appropriate month. So stay tuned!)  


Enjoy – and happy organizing! 



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It is one of my goals for sure! Love your blog!!


Thank you- these are things I avoid doing because I don't know where to start. No excuses now!


what is a tickler folder?


Thanks Abby for posting all these at once i I love these lists I have two tickler files one in my phone under evernote where I keep lots of information from the wen And then a physical one where I drop in the different various pieces of paper that I need to see or refer to later on

Shelley go back and read that blog post I'm pretty sure she mentions the different types of tickler folders out there


I love these! I printed them out earlier this year and put them in my tickler folders.


I was hoping to really dig into your sample lessons, etc. but I just have to say, it is kind of ironic that a website called SIMPLIFY 101 has so many steps to get to the "freebie." I keep getting emails that tell me I have to sign up again and to use the same account, then I get to a screen that says, "oops, you may have registered with this email already." It seems like a lot of steps and I keep feeling like I'm going in circles whenever I've tried to "register." Just thought you would like feedback from someone trying to utilize a great looking site. Thanks.


Thanks for doing this! I didn't get a chance to do this last year and having the printables will help me this year!

I linked this on my blog today!


This is så great. Wanted to have an overview of the whole year and I got it. Thanks a million.


Printed and going in my Home Reference Binder. :D


We're so glad you're finding these helpful!

@Shelley, this article explains how to set up your tickler file.

@Lesa, I'm sorry you had difficulties and appreciate you taking time to give us your feedback. I wish I had seen your comment sooner. The best way to get help with technical issues is by contacting jay at simplify101 dot com, or by calling him at 800.616.8117.


Coches hibridos precios

Excellent! already printed! i love it.

lipoescultura precios

Thanks for this, its great.


Hi! This may be a silly question, but what is the font used for "One year of organizing" and the title (for lack of a better word) on each month?

Thanks so much.

Terri Nation

Can't wait to get organized!!


Hi, Sara. The handwriting font we use is Rockford. :)

Glad to hear you're motivated, Terri. Hope you had a weekend of big organizing fun! :)


Johanna Tolbert

I am working to get organized so that I have time to do all the things I have to do.


I would recommend you add to the list, getting an annual free copy of your credit report. Since there are 3 credit companies spread them out through the year as any discrepancies usually show up on all of them. For example verify Trans union in Jan, Experian in May and Equifax in Sept. Check for identity theft and errors!


Fantastic. I feel more organized already.


That is a great suggestion, Connie. Thank you!

Johanna, Aby always says being organized is about making more time for the things we enjoy most in life, so I hope as you organize you find that to be true, too!

LOL @Wolf Mommy! ;-)


Cathie Ross

Thank you for the way you help us all!

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