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November 17, 2011

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays: 28 Day Challenge – Day 22

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Day 22:  Set up a holiday card mini zone

How did you do with yesterday's paper clutter challenge? I hope it went well and that it provided you and your home with a bit of relief.


Today's challenge is also about paper, but this time, we'll be setting up some simple systems to head-off paper clutter from holiday cards. For today's challenge you have a choice, you can either set up a spot to corral incoming holiday cards, or you can set up a card sending mini zone. (Or if you're feeling really motivated, you can do both.)

CardsFor incoming cards, designate one spot for your cards. You could use a basket or a pretty wooden box. If you like keeping your cards on display, consider hanging a pretty ribbon on the wall and attaching cards with clothes pins. I like to display my cards with magnets on an old jelly cabinet door that I use as a magnet board. It adds a festive touch to my office.  


If you're planning to send cards this year, you could use today's challenge to set up a card sending mini zone to simplify the process. To do this, simply corral together all the things you use to send out your cards such as address labels, addresses, pens, stamps, and, of course, your cards and envelopes. Put these items into a portable container like a metal bucket or a wicker basket. This little project will help keep your home organized by corralling all your supplies together. Plus, it will make it simple to work on getting your cards done in small bits of time.  


Card-mini-zone-copyright-simplify101 you all have gone really quiet on me the last few days. Are you busy getting your home ready? How are things going? I'd love to hear from you (hint, hint.) :)


Happy organizing!



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Thanks! This is a little thing that I can do today and think it'll make a big difference!


Don't have kids so didn't have to do the board games or videos. I'm already together on my paper clutter and have a great system in place so I'm ahead of the game here. I also have my cards done and I do gather everything up and keep in once place and work on them. I like to have cards, shopping and wrapping completed before Thanksgiving. I'm just about there with only a few things left to wrap. I really like to sit and enjoy the holidays and not have all that stress. I really have enjoyed your 28 Day Challenge and Finish It Fridays. Been trying to get some other de-cluttering done slowly since I'm not feeling 100% it's taking a bit more time but it's getting done. That's the important factor!!!! Have a great day.


Still working on the paper clutter. . . . Love the idea of a designated spot for incoming Christmas cards.


I'm just jumping on the challenge. I'll have to go back and try to catch up. I'm so bad about sending Christmas cards. I want to be better this year. Thanks for the tips and motivation.


Thanks everyone for checking in!! Any other updates? I'd love to hear from you. :)


Sorry to have been so quiet... I think you all have us so busy with the challenge we don't have time to post :-) Love the list of tasks.. I don't do them sequentially since I'm a clean one room at a time person but I post each days suggestion to my to do list in ICal and it's making a nice check list as I go from room to room... you have defintely changed my outlook on cleaning this time of year.. I usually start in one corner of the house and go room to room.. now I'm doing it from the perspective of having company so I started with the front hall... then the dining room... then the living room.. then the kitchen.. this week is the bathrooms. I figure if I don't get to the bedrooms until after the holidays the house still looks nice for guests. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Allie Bruski

Great idea! Love your posts. Thanks for all you do. I will figure out where I want to put incoming cards


I'm excited that I have my cards finished & ready to be posted Dec 1, so instead I have set up a basket with some extra cards & stamps etc for those people who send me a card but weren't on my original list. The 28 day challenge has been great. I have been working on decluttering a room per week leading up to Christmas but this has given me extra ideas & the motivation to keep going. My house is looking fabulous & free!

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