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October 05, 2011

Storage Solution of the Week: the ITSO bin

We’ve decided to start something new around here…a weekly (or almost weekly) storage solution post. For me, containers are like the icing on the organizing cake—they make an organizing project just that much sweeter. So I thought it would be fun to feature a favorite storage solution or organizing product, once a week, until I run out of favorites. (Yes, folks, this feature could be here for a while cuz I love storage!)


With Spawn of True Scrap just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to kick off this series with a few of my favorite storage solutions for scrapbooking.


What it is: Today’s storage pick is none other than the ITSO bin.



Where I got it:  Target.

Why I love it: Oh, where oh where do I start? There’s so much to love about this container. First of all, I love the size and shape. It’s the perfect size to hold scrapbook supplies, up to and including, 12 x 12 cardstock. I love that you can store paper vertically in this container and I love that the sides go up just high enough that it’s easy to get things out and put things away when you’re done. Plus, it’s simple to flip through the bin and find just what you’re looking for, like the perfect piece of cardstock to finish that scrapbook project.



One last little nugget to love, two ITSO bins fit perfectly side by side in an Expedit bookcase from IKEA. Seriously friends, what’s not to love?


Have you tried the ITSO line? Have you tried it for scrapboking supplies? What do you think of it? Thanks for sharing!



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Oh, how I love ITSO!! I use it for my kitchen paper clutter organiser (as per your suggestion - works beautifully!), I use it in my laundry nook for sorting out all my cleaners, light bulbs, tools for the house etc., I use it in a cupboard to hold our dog's treats, I use it to hold sewing patterns but I haven't used it for all my scrapbooking supplies! Now that I know they will fit, I will be keeping an eye out for next time they are on sale. I have an Expedit in my craft area too so that is just perfect. Happy happy dance!

Evelyn Cucchiara

Love that they fit into Expedit! I don't scrapbook - but I'm sure they will come in handy!

Nikki W

Yep, agreed, agreed, agreed. On a separate note, can you please tell me where you buy those little DIY disk label thingey's that are in the second photo on all your files? Thanks.x


I bought some of these containers to hold my bathroom clening supplies under each vanity. They are the perfect size to stop bottles from tipping over but still being able to reach in. I almost didn't get them as they were nearly twice the price of the other container I was looking it, but I'm glad I did. I'll have to keep an eye out for a sale too!


Hi, NikkiW.

I'll do a post on those labels. Thanks!



@ Catherine, happy dance indeed! :)
@ Evelyn, it is so great that they fit in an Expedit, isn't it?
@Firesparx, they do go on sale from time to time. Great idea to use ITSO in the bathroom!



I wish I could find them in Australia
What are the outside dimensions? Maybe I could find something similar


Thanks! I am heading to Target today...I will check them out.

Janine Adams

I love those bins, too, thanks to you, Aby. I'd never have given them a second look if you didn't turn me on to them. And now I keep a supply on hand for my own home and for clients.

I think the translucent plastic was a turn off to me. But you showed me that it can just provide a neutral back drop for whatever you put in it.



I'm a little behind the times but I just found this on pinterest! I recently discovered these wonderful bins for my freezer...four fit perfectly side by side. My freezer has never stayed so organized with hardly any effort!


Thanks, Tonya, for sharing your enthusiasm about the ITSO bin! So great that they fit so well in your freezer!


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