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July 29, 2011

Back to School Organizing Tips + Free Printable Checklist

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Mark Anthony Morales

I love the idea of the message center!

Us as a family have texted each other when its time for dinner, or when my little brother has football practice but there is now actualy physical communication.

I love this idea because rather then texting, we can look at the board and see whatsup with the week, what everyones plans are, and what theyre going to be doing, etc.

Thanks for the great idea!


I found the cutest school photo frame. It is a school bus that you can add photos to for each of your child's school years. Donna


Thank you for all of your checklist. Life will be so much easier when I implement your ideas into my life and make it work for me.


Thank you for sharing this! Can't wait to get my kids back into normal routine ;)

Versace Clothing

My mom would be glad if she saw your To-Do list kind of design, Mom wants all things is been organized.

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