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June 24, 2011

5 Ways to Organize + Enjoy Your Kid's Artwork


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These are great ideas! I was just thinking the other day what to do with my daughters art work. They are either put on the fridge for a while or they are in a tote that no one can see. I think I am going to go with the binders. Very nice!

Janine Adams

Great stuff! One of my neighbors has an innovative way of displaying her kid's artwork: she created a magnetic sign for her car! The sign, on the door of her car, is a large-size version of child's art. She must be very proud.


I take pictures of my kids best work, and make it into postcards and notecards! I get to use their pretty artwork, and a picture file is much smaller than the original!

Helena Alkhas

I simply loved your posting and your ideas!
I'll make sure I share in my own blog and that I make use of them with my 3 boys, here at home! Great job!

Tracy @ Simply Squared Away

Great ideas!! I love the collage art idea! We could do this as a family project!

I am going to include your link on my follow-up blog post regarding kid's art!! I recently posted an artwork idea here...

I have also been hearing a lot about dynamic frames (!

Happy ART!


I have done 2 things with my kids' artwork. One is to display them on the wall after they bring them home. That is with this link:

The second thing I did was frame my favorite artwork. That is with this link:

I love using the kids' artwork. It is cheap & looks great on the wall. I plan to do more after we move.


Great ideas! I saw one more on etsy I thought I'd add to the mix:

Kids Creative Chaos

Awesome ideas. I retweeted you. We plan to scan and make a book too :-) - Jessica

Cute! I think I'll try one of these next year. I like the collage! I've also seen people make photo books at the end of the year with photos and pictures of projects throughout the year. My display isn't very fancy, but it works! She loves looking at her projects displayed on her door every day.

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