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May 02, 2011

The “Done” List: Monday Morning Check In

I hope you had a great weekend! It was a busy weekend around here…lots of good stuff got done. As I mentioned on Friday, I decided to keep my to-do list a bit flexible this weekend, and work on what sounded fun. Well…this approach worked really well for me! It was quite liberating to just pick and choose a project based on my mood. Here’s my “done” list:


  • Decluttered receipts box.  
  • Switched over winter and summer stuff. The hats, gloves, scarves and winter coats are on their way into storage (some is there already; some is being washed.) 
  • Set up summer essentials mini zone.
  • Cleaned out Collin's school papers incubator.
  • Boot camp.
  • Dropped off hangers for recycling at Laundromat.
  • Bought vegetables and flowers.
  • Weeded and tilled garden, and planted it! (This took most of Saturday afternoon.)
  • Decluttered and organized recipe binder. I edited my recipe binders and got rid of recipes that no longer fit our eating habits. Still have a bit to go on this project…but it moved forward nicely this weekend. 
  • Weekly cleaning.
  • Laundry. 
  • Planned weekly meals. 
  • Planted flower boxes and pots on front porch. 
  • Swept + cleaned the front porch.  
  • Weeded front yard. 
  • Surface decluttered downstairs family room.


Whew! It was busy. How did your weekend go? What's on your done list? I look forward to hearing from you! Have a terrific Monday.


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Congrats on everything you accomplished, Aby!!!

I didn't post a list on Friday because I, too, wanted to leave the weekend open. Between DH & I, we managed to:
*Buy him a suit & new shoes
*Buy Mother's Day gifts & cards
*Get blood work done for upcoming dr visit
*Have a breakfast & lunch "date" on Fri (in conjunction with running errands)
*Family pizza/movie night
*Soccer games on Saturday
*Help my Mom with bulletin boards for church
*Dinner "date" on Saturday evening with DH & grandson in conjunction with a trip to Lowe's
* of all...DH mopped the floors!


Yay for clean floors done by DH!


So I did go to the luncheon..but lost my phone...not good..

But I was able to at least start de-cluttering and organizing my that is half way done..
and some laundry..

until Friday everyone.

Robyn :)

Still on my 3 day weekend :)

Scrapbook crop Saturday -- Check :)
Sleep in Monday -- not really. I slept later than usual since I didn't have to go to work. But I slept in Sunday.

To Do: Get scrapbooking stuff together -- check, but then i made a mess in the livingroom, BUT got a bunch of it organized
Cook meals for the week -- not yet
Weed the rest of the garden -- doesn;t look like it is going to happen
Finish getting dead leaves out of garden -- not yet
Plant tomato plant -- will do tomorrow after the mowers come
See about getting grass seed, mulch and
flowers at housing office -- I got the grass seed and flowers. Not ready for mulch yet.
Take down Easter decorations and put away -- DONE
Laundry -- done except for putting it away.

I also uploaded a bunch of photos and got them put on Snapfish and collaged and ordered :) I think it was a productive weekend.


Way to go Aby!

Play List:
Nephews Birthday Party Sat. - Done
Pedicure - Done and enjoyed it so much-great treat!
Read - Finished 2 books
Clothes shopping for myself - Purchased a few things for my trip

To Do:
Hair Cut - Done
Returns - Partially Done
Dust - Done
Wash - Done
Ironing - Finished Today
Clean House - Done
Purchase flowers - Done and hubby planted everything - looks so nice
Pay Bills - Nope - hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday
Download Photos - Fianlly Done and Camera is ready for trip.
Spring clean master closet-at least start it - Almost completed - Have to go through my summer tops and it'll be complete

Hope everyone has a great week. Dottie

Mary St Clair

Hi Aby! I tried to post last week, but the computer ate my post and I got so mad I just had to get up. : (

This past weekend I ran the half marathon!!! 13.1 miles - CHECK!!! in 2:49 and a few seconds. I was thrilled! I had a friend that ran with me, we committed to staying together, and we did awesome! I am so proud!!

And basically that was it. We went to a KY Derby formal event Friday, which was so fun even if I did have to come home a little early.

This week I am working on some scrappy projects (I joined the LOAD group. I'm one for one so far... it's been a great way to get me going again). Gardening will wait til after Saturday -- we've had tons of rain, but I know what I want to get.

I love your monthly checklists. I am going to print and use May's for sure! Have a great week!



Hi, Mary,

Congrats on your Half Marathon! That is awesome!! So glad you are enjoying the monthly checklists. :)

Thanks for checking in. Hope the computer is kinder next week.



Nice job Robyn and Dottie! You got lots done this weekend - woohoo!

Dyanne - I hope you find your phone! (And good luck with your closet.)

Aby :)

Jutta@Organized Living Solutions

Wow, that was a lot you have accomplished!
I did accomoplish something quite different this weekend. We had a holiday on Monday so i took the whole weekend to drive to the desert and just experience silence and space. Was so worth it, feel much recharged!


Decluttering the receipts ... that does sound like fun. I'm going to do that this weekend! :)

queen of string

I foraged some fiddleheads for the first time and made an apple pie. doesn't sound much, but doing two things just for me was fab.


Could have weeded more of the garden, but instead got on a flight to London on Sunday. Worth hiring a weeder when I get back.

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