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May 18, 2011

Get Organized for Summer: Create a Travel Mini Zone

I'm continuing today with the theme of getting organized for summer and with the theme of creating mini zones. If you have travel plans in the months ahead, a travel mini zone will help reduce the stress of travel, and may eliminate some clutter in the process, too.


Stock your travel mini zone with all your travel essentials such as:


  • Small travel-size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, soaps, toothpaste and other toiletries. 
  • A travel toothbrush and case, soap dish, brush, comb and travel hair dryer. 
  • A laminated travel checklist. (You can use mine or customize it to suit your needs.) 
  • Toiletry/cosmetic bags.
  • Travel adapters if you travel out of the country.
  • Laundry bag
  • Anything else you use just for travel.


If possible, store your travel mini zone near your suitcases, or in a nearby cabinet or drawer.
Bon voyage!


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A travel tip my sister in law told me. After taking a long vacations with her 4 kids, she learned how to help simplify life when she got home. She corralled all the unworn clothing into one suitcase. Those get unpacked immediately when they get home. The rest of the clothes are sorted by color. Each suitcase becomes a laundry load! Saves all the sorting time at home and the mess on the floor!


With all the clutter on the counter top in hotel rooms, is there something simple to remedy anyone uses to keep 5 people's toiletries in check? I have tried to bring suction cup hooks to hang curling irons and an over the door hook bag, this really doesn't help our clutter bugs:(

We do have a clip hanger (the cheap free hangers Wal-mart gives you with a pair of shorts) for each person to hang-up a swim suit. that hanger lives in the zipper compartment of everyone's bag.

I also always bring a couple microfiber rags. They can be rinsed out easily and dry quickly. They clean camera lenses, sunglasses, glasses, laptop screens, cell phones etc. even the inside of the windshield!


Love the idea of creating mini zones for different activities in your home. I would always recommend creating a checklist to keep inside each kit so supplies can be replenished after each use.


I did this years ago when my Dad started having heart problems and I would have to pack quickly (and under stress) to travel to where he lived. I have all my toiletries in a clear plastic travel bag. When I come home from a trip, I refill everything and get it ready to go for the next time. Some items are not travel size and are not refillable, such as deodorant. So when I empty one in my bathroom, I put a full new one in my travel bag and use the partially used one from my travel bag in my bathroom. That way, the items in my travel bag stay current even if I don't travel for some time.

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