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February 01, 2011

Your February Get Organized Checklist

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Around the middle of January I got the idea to create a monthly checklist blog post—to share ideas and suggestions to help you get organized (or stay organized!) in the month ahead. If you’ve taken some of my online workshops, some of these monthly ideas will serve as a nice reminder to maintain the systems you set up during those workshops. And, there will be non-workshop related ideas as well.


So…here we go with the inaugural monthly check list post! If you have other ideas, things you like to do each month, please share them in the comments!


Checklist-copyright-simplify101 February Get Organized Checklist

Set your goals for the upcoming month. The most organized months begin with a plan! Take a few minutes today to think about what you’d like to accomplish in the month ahead. Remember, goals and resolutions don’t have to be reserved for January alone. So if you set some goals back at the start of the year but find yourself not so motivated anymore, today is a great day to get back on the bandwagon! Try bite sizing one of your goals into something that is inspiring but doable in the month ahead. For example, if you set a goal to organize your entire home by June 1st, pick one room to focus on and finish during the month of February.

Check your monthly tickler file.
If you’ve taken the paper clutter workshop and use a tickler file, remember to check your February folder today and disperse the contents into your daily folders.


Tickler file 

Get organized for tax time.
If you haven’t done so yet, carve out a designated spot for tax documents that are arriving in the mail. This will save you time as you pull together your documents for your tax preparer, or complete your own taxes.

Schedule your annual doctor exams.

Declutter your medicine cabinet.
Purge any out-of-date over-the-counter or prescription medications. Then, restock for cold and flu season.

Organize your linen closet.
Declutter anything that’s worn out or faded, and make a shopping list and take advantage of white sales to replace needed items.

Outfit your vehicle(s) with an emergency kit.

Record the last day of school on your home calendar and / or planner.

Begin planning for the summer.
Evaluate summer camp options for your kids, and create a file folder to organize any information you print out or collect as you do your research.

Create a Valentine's card mini zone.

Make Valentine’s Day plans.
Call for dinner reservations with a friend or loved one, or plan a special dinner at home.


What’s on your to-do list this month? Is there anything you do to welcome in a new month, or specifically the month of February? I’d love to hear from you!


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Robyn :)

Taxes are on my to do list. I have everything set aside already, just need to call for an appointment :)

I really like your Valentine Card mini zone idea. I did something like it last year and plan on doing it again, using your tips from the last post.

I have already decluttered my medicine cabinet(s) and organized my linen closet. Great ideas for the month!!

Teresa K

Great idea, Abby! You have things on the list that I don't have mentally assigned to a specific month, like noting the last day of school.

Any chance you could make this a free (PDF) printable? We could then print it off and check things off as we complete. Just an idea.



Love the monthly checklist! Especially like the idea of starting to plan summer events/trips/schedules. I better get crackalackin!


bleech...I'm dreading tax time and my non organized pile of papers.

Jutta Dobler

What a great idea! I will write down EVERYTHING i want to do this year, and then divide it into the 12 months!

Missuz C

I love this list!! I hope you'll do one of these for each month of the year. What a great idea. I'll be stapling this into the front of my February folder in my "ticlker file" along with my list of February birthdays and anniversaries.
Thanks so much for sharing!

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This is really a great idea!Having your checklist for the months will give you a organize life for the rest of the year.

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