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December 16, 2010

minimize holiday clutter: weekly quick tip

Do your holiday decorations make your home feel just a tad bit too full? If so, try this tip: When you put your holiday decor out on display, temporarily pack up and put away your year-round decor items. If you put out your stockings, stars and seasonal favorites without putting away anything else, it could make your home feel crowded or even cluttered. For a more simplified look and feel, store your year-round items in your emptied storage bins until it’s time for the holiday décor to go back into storage.


What do you do? Do you keep your year round items out and mix-in the holiday items, or do you put your year-round items away for the holiday season? Is there a particular type of clutter that drives you nuts this time of year? I'd love to hear from you!


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I clear out the year-round things and put them in the empty Christmas boxes. That also gives me a breather from everyday things and by the end of the month, I'm ready to see them again.


I try to move stuff around and place some "everyday" stuff into rooms that are more light on the furnishings to make room for the Christmas stuff. I tend to keep decorating pretty light and simple though!


I love using the clear bins that have some color to them too. Thanks


I have only one bin of Christmas decorations, so it's not a lot. But I do put a few things away in that bin so there's room.
I love the tree, but after a month I'm ready to have back the space it takes up.


I put away the year round items too. Then when I pack up Christmas I try to move the year long items to a new destination or room. Then it all feels new again in the new year!


I put away the year round items too - just stick them in the empty Christmas decorations boxes. I am ready for them to come back after Christmas and for the tree to go. Like going on vacation and coming home again ;)

ana smith

thanksgiving to new years it's christmas at my house in every room, inside & out and the car too!


I'm so glad to read I'm not the only one who is ready to put the holiday decor away at the end of the season. :) Thanks for sharing your comments!


Barbara Miller

I do pick up my year round decorations at Christmas. In fact I have very few year round items anymore. Instead I have sorted and included them into summer-beach, autumn-Thanksgiving, Christmas-winter, spring-Easter and "just because I love it or someone I love gave it to me" boxes. These are not big boxes as I live in an apartment and table top and wall space are limited. I have found that four plastic boxes stack nicely in the storage closet and keep my little space from being overwhelmed.


I don't have a lot of knickknack type things, but the ones I do have stay out, but get transformed into holiday decorations. My vases get filled with ornaments or lights instead of flowers. My mirrors become a backdrop for wreaths. This year I even took two wooden boxes that normally live on my mantel and just wrapped them like Christmas gifts... add a garland and a couple of silver candle holders and it's a holiday display with no extra space.

Alicia Parsons | Atypical Type A

I keep Christmas decorations to a minimum so I don't put anything away but I do move things to make room.

As much as I enjoy Christmas decorations, they do make my tiny house feel cramped. I put them away yesterday and it feels like there's so much space!

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