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September 20, 2010

Get Organized for the Holidays

What did you think when you read that blog post title?

a) Woohoo—I love the holidays. I can’t wait!
b) Are you kidding? It’s too early. Please—let’s not talk about this again until November!
c) Or, after groaning, did you think, Please don’t mention this again. Ever. I’m not a fan of the holidays. My strategy is to simply endure them.

Regardless of whether you love the holidays, or not so much, you may be wondering why I’m mentioning them now…in September. Here’s why: Today is also the last day to take advantage of early bird savings on Get Organized for the Holidays.


And whether you can’t wait for the holidays to begin, or can’t wait for them to end, this workshop is designed to help you create a meaningful and enjoyable season. This workshop isn’t just another item on your already too long seasonal to-do list. Instead, it is designed to make it simpler and more fun to do those things that you are already planning to-do. It’s a way to simplify the holiday season, and focus on the aspects that are most important to you. And if you’re not a fan of the holidays, it’s a way to help you get inspired and create a holiday season that really works for you.



If you’ve taken other simplify 101 workshops, keep in mind that Get Organized for the Holidays is a much lighter, slower paced workshop than my other online workshops. This workshop begins November 2nd, just when you’re ready to switch gears and begin thinking about the holidays. Best yet, this workshop stays open throughout November and December which means you will have ongoing support, ideas, and motivation to get your holiday to-dos done while staying energized and inspired all season long.


This workshop really isn’t another task on your to-do list, but instead, a way to manage and enjoy those things that are already on your holiday list. As one workshop participant said about last year’s class, I have never enjoyed the holiday season as much because I was organized and not stressed.


Sign up today to take advantage of our early bird savings. This represents the lowest price you’ll see this year. I'd love to spend the holidays with you.


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