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June 08, 2010

Paper Organizing Tip 7: Take action on your paper regularly.

Paper clutter-c A common cause of paper clutter is the lack of habits and routines for handling and staying on top of your paper. Paper requires action, so to keep paper clutter away you must act on your paper regularly. Begin by processing your paper every single day, or in other words, strive to completely empty your collection bin once every twenty-four hours. Do this by recycling the junk mail, filing papers you need to keep, and placing bills and other actionable paper into your action system. Remember, action creates change!

I hope you enjoyed this week of paper organizing tips, and even more, I hope you’ve taken action on at least one of the ideas. If you haven’t, and you’re not happy with the paper clutter situation in your home, why not join me in Organize Your Paper Clutter? This six lesson / seven week online workshop (which begins today) makes it simple to take action on your paper clutter! The tips and ideas presented on the blog this week merely scratched the surface when it comes to organizing your paper clutter. The workshop gives you a comprehensive plan to organize your paper and set up systems that will keep paper clutter at bay. But even more important, the workshop’s clear cut action steps and supportive online community means you won’t just learn how to organize your paper—you’ll do it, too!

If you aren’t sure if an online workshop is right for you, no worries! You can try Organize Your Paper Clutter for two lessons risk free. If you don’t feel the workshop is helping you, simplify 101 will give you your money back, no questions asked. (Click here to read our entire satisfaction policy.)

And one more thing, I know that many of you are heading out of town for vacation this summer, so you’re worried that you’ll miss out on some key content while you’re away. Here are two things to keep in mind. First, our alumni rate means you can repeat a workshop for half-off the second time around. Many people repeat workshops so they can continue taking action on the workshop concepts with the support and motivation of the online community. Second, lessons are released once a week and once a lesson is released you can access it (and act on it!) through the workshop close date. So, if you’re going out of town, no worries. Simply take action on the lesson concepts at your own pace. I'm happy to answer questions on the online message board about any lesson at any point of the workshop.

I’d love to spend the summer with you organizing paper clutter! What do you say—are you in?


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So excited, relieved and inspired to have found your blog. Came over from Kate @Censationalgirl
and I'm thrilled to be here. You are officially bookmarked :)


@ jeannine,

Welcome! So happy you're here.

Aby :)

Pam Walter

A tall stack of paper can be so intimidating! I agree that it should be dealt with ASAP.


We think the paper is soooo hard, but if you throw away the junk mail immediately and then take action on the "good" stuff once a week to get back to an empty basket, it's entirely doable! I'm living it!

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