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June 07, 2010

Paper Organizing Tip #6: Create an Action File...

…and put it where the action is!


I’m a huge fan of the counter top action file, because in so many homes the kitchen is where the action is and consequently where the paper is! Do you pay your bills, fill out permission slips, handle the mail, or take care of any other type of paper work in the kitchen? If so, consider if a counter top action file could solve some of your paper clutter dilemmas.


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Sue Bone

What do you keep in your action basket?


@ Sue Bone,

This picture is older...the system evolves and changes as we do. So at the time of the photo there were just two folders in the action basket --- one for each child's action paper work...things like school assignments, spelling lists, etc. At that time it also had coupons.

Now I have added some menu planner / grocery sheets in a folder...and I keep the store circular there as well.


Shawn Perkins

It just makes sense to keep actionable papers together. I use a series of files, one for each day of the month. Either way everything it together.


Do you mind sharing what is in the folder behind the basket? Also, where did you get the basket? I love how this looks! Cuz you know it has to LOOK good!! BTW, Centsational Girl sent me here - love your site!!!!!


Hi, Maci,

Welcome to simplify 101. The notebook behind the folder is my family reference binder. It has carry out menus, info about the kids school / teachers, sports teams, summer camps, etc. (whatever is current.) Phone numbers / directories and business cards. Essentially anything we refer to in the kitchen regularly and wouldn't went to trek to a office / file cabinet to get our hands on.



I just used an Itso bin to make this for my kitchen. The papers were driving me crazy! Thanks for the idea!

Tom Aker

The hard part is to remember that you need to put all of the action items in there

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