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May 11, 2009

Answers to (most) of your labeler questions:

This is just a quick follow up post about the new p-touch labeler to answer most of the questions you asked in the comments.

Q.  Heather and Sherrie asked about where to buy it, and if Target will carry it…

A.  I’m not sure if Target will carry this particular labeler. I am working on getting a definitive answer on that. If I do I will update this info in the comments section on this post. In the meantime, here is a link to retailers authorized to sell Brother products.

Q.  Annie asked:  Can you print the labels in varied colors too? And Rachel wanted to know if there is clear tape available.

A.  Yes, to both questions. According to the side of the box, you can use several varities of P-touch label tape which includes black on white, black on yellow, white on black, black on clear, gold on black, black on red, red on white and white on clear. They also have tape with acid-free adhesives in black on clear and black on white.

Q.  Sherrie asked what sizes of the label tape is available.

A.  There are four width’s available:  9/64”, ¼”, 3/8” and ½”.

Q.  Ok this one wasn’t really a question, but more of a comment. But I wanted to comment on the comment. Lelah said:  I think that not having to key in the label by hand and instead just type it quickly is genius!

A.  I totally agree. It is much, much faster to type your labels into the computer than using the little key pad (that isn’t in keyboard order!) But, don’t put your old labeler under the car tires just yet. For most client jobs, I will continue to use my handheld labeler. I like the portability, and in many situations, bringing along my laptop to print labels isn’t practical, so the handheld option will work great!

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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It was on sale on Amazon today for $25-30 (can't remember exactly!).


I would like to know if you agree with the one review (negative) on Amazon? That you can't center the label, that it's always left-justified? And also you always have to use scissors to cut off the blank leading tape? I think I'd like to know these things before I buy this. Thanks!



I just ordered one for work. My understanding (because there are two models that Staples offered) is that the more expensive model (Brother pt-2430pc Label Maker) cuts by itself and can take up to a 1" tape whereas the other model (Brother pt-1230pc Label Maker) takes a tape model that is a tad smaller and you have to cut it yourself. Hope that helps to answer your question if no one else has replied yet.


Hi Aby,

In desperate need of organisational help I have an 11 weeks old son and our house is so far gone down the disorganisational slippery slope I just don't even know where to begin. Seriously you can't move anywhere in our house because nothing is put away but nothing is put away because there is nowhere for it to go. The only room that looks remotely ok is my son's room and that because it isn't finished yet! Help! Is there help for a house as far gone as ours?



I just picked this up through Costco online after reading your post here. It was on sale for just $39 shipping included in that price. I couldn't resist being able to change my fonts.....:)


Hi, Fiona,

Yes…there absolutely is hope. We just launched a free online workshop that is designed to help people get started getting organized. You can learn more about it here….

I think it would be a great first step for you.



Hi, Christine,

I played with the labeler a bit more and have thoughts on your questions about the Amazon review. As far as centering the can do that. What I did was leave an equal amount of blank spaces before and after my text. So I'd hit the space bar three times, type my label description, and then type the label again three times. So I think there's an easy fix.

I do agree that you need scissors to cut the leader off the label...that one I agree with completely. (It doesn't really bother me though, I have to say. For me, having the ability to have my choice of fonts outweighs needing to use scissors.)



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