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February 20, 2009

It’s Friday…

…could it mean Freebie Friday? Well, yes indeed it does! Hooray!

I seem to find myself with a surplus of the March / April issue of Simple Scrapbooks magazine…the second to last issue. (While reading that last sentence, picture my face with just a hint of a pout on it. OK, picture a big pout.) Anyway, in light of this surplus of issues, I have two copies up for grabs. Hooray!

Mar-apr simple

One of the fun things (well, for me anyway) is the *new* Get Organized column featuring Wendy and me. It was really fun to work on and we have one more installment coming in the final issue (May / June) so keep your eyes open for that.

In the meantime, if you’d like one of my extra March/April copies, simply post a comment sharing your biggest scrapbook organizing challenge. I’ll keep the comments open until 8 PM Central on Sunday evening and the winners will be announced on Monday.

Good luck…and while you’re here be sure to check out the brand new simplify 101 buttons, badges, etc. Whatever you want to call them, wouldn’t one of these look super-stylin' on your blog or website? I think so... ;)

Have a great weekend!


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Your buttons are probably the cutest images I've ever seen! I'll be adding it to my blog later today!! I wish I were as creative as you!

Happy Friday :)

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

I would have to say my biggest challenge is the paper. I don't have a lot of paper, but what I do have I can't find very easily. It's the scraps the bug me the most!

April P

My biggest scrapbooking organization challenge?? Finding a way to organize my chipboard in a REALLY small space when I search by letter . . . I want cute too! lol No room for those cute wall drawers that everyone's been showing me and baggies of letters just aren't cute! Also, what in the world do I do with those sticker sheets of letters??? Sure, thickers I'm okay with because they're a solid color - but what about the ones that are multiple colors . . . Divide them up with the rest of the alphas iin my chipboard collection (and stamps) or keep them together like my thickers?? Or since I'm incorporating color drawers too, do I put them in there? sigh . . . GOBI is stressing me out - but hopefully once it's all said and done, it'll be the most awesome place in the world for me!

Thanks Aby!! You're insights there have been invaluable btw! I also really want this issue of simple since it seems none of my local stores are carrying them any longer AND I procrastinated on renewing my subscription . . .


My biggest scrapbooking challenge is organizing all of my stuff. I share my husbands office for my crafting and would love to figure out how to make the spaces professional looking and cohesive together. I would love this magazine!


Paper is my biggest challenge because it is also my biggest weakness. I recently reorganized my stash and grouped all my embellishments into categories that I use frequently (baby, cat, holiday, wedding, etc.) It's made scrapping much faster!


My biggest challenge is just trying not to be overwhelmed with all the choices. So hard to just sit and start because I'm so busy trying to decide which things to use.

christine :)

My biggest chalenge is storage for my large heavy Giga-punches! I want them out where I can see them, but they are so darn big and bulky! Do you have any suggestions?

Ooooh, I hope I win! I'm so disappointed that SS will be no more! :(


My biggest challenge is finding out how to store all my stickers and stuff.


My biggest scrapbook challenge is learning to say "No" to more stuff, and enjoy the items that I have. I have three "Kit of the Month" boxes in my scrap space that I haven't touched in over a year. I know what's in them, and I get really excited about the contents, but if I never use them... what good will it do!? Then I get overwhelmed...

It's a challenge, and one that is crippling my hobby right now.


Paper's a big one, probably the hardest right now...I'm a letter junkie, and finally developed a semi-system with binders and page protectors, but it drove me crazy for a long while. I still don't have a perfect system for non-sticker letters, but separate them by color in cute little boxes with labels. Sometimes I think I like ORGANIZING scrapbook stuff more than USING it!!


My biggest challenge is paper scraps. Where/how to store them. And this might even be more important, REMEMBERING to use them!


My biggest challenge is trying to figure out how I want to organize my stuff. I keep thinking I want to do it by product type. I also want to use some of the storage I already have rather than spending money on something new. Its hard just trying to make it all work together. Need to follow through and label stuff too.

Jennifer O

My biggest challenge is finding a storage. We are currently in the process of completely renovating our family room (we've puled out everything including the dry wall!). In the meantime everything is just piled up in my husband's office on a small bookshelf. Its driving me crazy!

Angela S

I have the hardest time keeping "like" items organized. For instance, I love embellishments, paper, ribbons, etc, that all go together and so I don't like to store all of those items by product type. The problem is, storing random things together as sets can get pretty messy!

Nicole R.

Knowing where to start. I have so many ideas and now I finally have a room to put it all in, but it seems overwhelming to figure out what to start with. Do I buy a desk or do I buy shelves or should I put in cabinets. Maybe I should paint first, but what color do I want? It's been crazy so for now I haven't done anything.


Where/how to organize effectively with ONE system. I have some drawers, I have a bookcase, I have a desk, and I have bins, bins, bins. But I still can't keep it straight and together. What's wrong with me? :)


My biggest challenge is trying to find a way to easily put it all away when i'm done with it.


My biggest organizing challenge is although I have everything organized, my cabinet is to far away from my workspace. Everytime I need something I have to go to the other room to get it. It can be a real pain sometimes!

Rachel B.

Thank you for the freebie contest!! My biggest scrapbooking organzing challenge is organizing memorabilia I've saved for a future scrapbook. At the moment I've dumped these items in a shoe box, or in a basket, but I find that I either forget about them to not come back to them, or I end up sorting the information 15 times before I actually scrap it. I'd love for some ideas on how to organize future scrapbook projects!!

colleen F

My biggest challenge is how to organize my paper. I am trying to find a container that is at least 13 x 13 x 20, so I can store all of my paper upright in a covered container. No such luck.
Second biggest challenge is where to keep my stuff. I don't have a room for my hobbies, so currently some is stored in the living room, some in the car, and some in the not so safe basement. Argg.

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