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May 27, 2008

baskets for scrapbook storage

The Organizing Junkie is hosting a basket carnival today, and I just couldn't pass up on the fun. See, the buckets have been getting a lot of press around here lately. But my first love organizing love was the good old wicker basket. I seriously remember going to Pier One with my Mom when I was maybe like 12 years old and drooling over all the baskets. Crazy, isn't it?

Anyway...I thought I'd share some photos of baskets (and other containers) I use in my scrapbook space / office. Since...I also haven't really talked about scrapbook organizing lately on this blog-o-mine. So here we go:


This is a photo of one of the cubbies in my space—it's journaling central. Everything I need to journal on my scrapbook pages is tucked into this one cubby.


I love this basket because it's already divided, making it perfect for stashing an assortment of goodies, like markers, journaling cards, a date stamp, and accent words. I added some drinking glasses inside the compartments so the pens would stay propped up. A sundae cup raises up the journaling cards for easy access.

Next to the basket are two containers with more journaling goodies: a ceramic dish holds little journaling cards...


and a metal tin holds stickers, journaling notebooks and larger journaling cards.


I also use a basket to hold my 8 1/2" x 11" card-stock. I love this. I have super heavy pieces of white chipboard that serves as a divider between the different it's easy to flip right to the color I'm after. Plus, big scraps of card-stock can go right in the front of each color section for easy access. The basket is labeled with a swatch booklet for quick and easy reference of color combinations to try.


Both baskets were purchased at Wal-Mart...over a year ago. The ceramic dish and metal container were from Target. Which reminds me...if anyone has any extra of those metal, rectangular buckets...the small size from a year ago...let me know. I know someone who really, really wants some and would be happy to relieve you of them. Post me a comment if you over-indulged in small, metal containers.

Happy organizing!


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I'm so glad I found you! I'm adding your blog to my bloglines. LOVE the drinking glass idea. I have a handful of mismatched glasses that I've been tempted to toss recently, but I'm motivated to repurpose them in my scrapbook room now. THANKS for the great ideas! I'm excited to look at some of your past posts.


I just picked up one of the little metal buckets at Target this weekend in the dollar spot. I got the last one at my particular store but maybe they are back.

Stacy Tarlow

The blog/website looks amazing!! love the changes aby! been in maine opening the lake house so i was away for the "reveal". great job!!


Love the baskets you use :) Everything looks so nice and organised!


As always I love seeing your baskets - esp. in the scrapbook room. I've been looking out for divided baskets here in Australia but haven't had any luck yet. It's funny - as soon as I saw Laura's post on the bucket carnival I thought of you :-). Glad you joined in.


Amanda N.

I heart those buckets too! I just repurposed the red ones from Target into some scrapbook organizational goodness this past weekend.

Link to my buckets:

Org Junkie

Aby I love the divided wicker basket, that could be used for so many different things.

The blog design looks great too!!


I love your site! I linked to your site on mine, hope you don't mind. I'm an organizing junkie too.

Great post!


I have a tendency to rearrange my scrapbooking supplies more often than I even use them to actually scrapbook. I guess that means I'm more addicted to organizing than scrapbooking. Great ideas.


Love those baskets---what an awesome post--very inspiring:)



ooo I think I just found a new favorite blog! Thanks for the tips!


I was a basket junkie in middle school, too. :) I have a suggestion for a future blog - find some easily-packable, cute, practical organizers for college students moving halfway across the country. It's only 90 days away!


Thanks for taking the time to visit with me today! I just love your ideas for keeping all the scrapbook journaling stuff together. And I have a number of those metal tins and pails from Target's $1 spot, love them! Enjoy your weekend.

Megan @ Disorder2Order

Is this really what your space looks like? I saw Janine's post and I am just sitting here wondering... when do you have time to scrap?

Michelle Carrillo

I love the new look of the blog... and this post, in particular! I'm packing up to move to a new condo, which means purging my stuff and all new possibilities as I unpack. Trying to simplify and streamline, especially with my crafting stuff. Want to make it EASIER to get to, so I don't waste my energy rounding up what I need. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas!


Great post and wonderful pictures. Where do you get all your journaling cards or do you make them?


i saw those galvanized buckets at the local goodwill. they get target stuff. they had a ton...they're still a dollar. have your friend check there

Annie Rosenberger

love all the suggestions. i really like the journaling basket. was this a basket intended for utensils? and where did you get it?



Hi, Annie,

I'm not really sure what the basket was originally intended for. I found it at WalMart in the floral / basket department. Hope this helps!


Laurie Fulkerson

HI, I've been reading your blog for a while now and love it. Just read this one about the buckets. I have a lot I got at Target not long ago and stocked up since they had so many. I'm not sure if they are the ones your friend is looking for but will be glad to help her out. You can give her my email and have her contact me and I'll see if they are the ones she needs. Thank you for this website!

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