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April 13, 2008

the bucket list

After starting a second round of bucket frenzy, I got a few requests for ideas on using these fine (and fun) vessels. So, I thought I'd make my very own "bucket list". ;) This (scarily enough when you see the list) is how I am at this very moment, in my home, using buckets to organize stuff. Ready? OK, here's my bucket list:

1. Kid's art supplies. This handy little bucket usually sits on a shelf of the work desk in my office / scrapbook room (and can be seen on page 95 of my book, making this my most famous bucket.)


And here are some less famous crafting buckets:


2. Bath supplies.


3. Cleaning supplies.


The cleaning supplies bucket is way up on the top right corner of the photo. This was my very first bucket, by the way, because I know you are wondering how this bucket-frenzy started. I bought this lovely, yellow bucket from Martha Stewart way back when she used to sell things through her magazine (like before the era of on-line shopping. Yep...this bucket issue of mine runs long and deep.) This yellow beauty was a ridiculous $30 or more (before shipping...and that rascal is heavy.) But it just goes to show...when you buy something you really, really'll love it for a very long time. (It might show some other things, too, but lets not go there right now. It's late.)

4. Remote controls and video game controllers.


(Bucket above is from Good Pails to Have.)

5. Matches.


For lighting candles, not cigarettes...just in case you were wondering.

6. Note pads.


7. Craft punches.


8. Kitchen snacks and seasoning mix envelopes.


9. Score-keeping supplies (in the game cabinet.)


10. Cough drops.


11. Pens and pencils. I also have a little bucket of pens and pencils that sits on top of the fridge. I'm guessing at this can use your imagination on what that looks like.

12. Comings and goings bucket. This bucket sits on a shelf right by the back door. It holds things we might want to grab on our way sunscreen and sunglasses in the summer (when the sun actually shines around here.) Right now, it's loaded up with hand-sanitizer and tissues.


OK...I have to stop hunting for buckets around my house now. I'm starting to think I have a sickness. ;)


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I totally love all your buckets. How cute is that. What a great idea for remotes too! You're inspiring me to organize, organize, organize. I love to know where everything is and that everything has a place. Thanks for sharing!


These are soooo cute ! I love them all ! I love the pretty little labels on them too !! Gotta think more outside the box. I label things with my label maker, which I love but I reckon some things could use a pretty label !! I looooooove #12. What a great idea !!


Love all the great uses you have for your buckets. So far mine have mainly been used in the scrapbook room, though I have one on my computer desk which holds a few bits including my camera, and the girls use one for putting "things to do" on slips of paper. You've certainly inspired me to think a bit more out of the box.... or should be bucket?


Julie Johnson

Love it! I have one in the kitchen for my kid's "popsicle jobs" thanks to Stacy Julian. I have 4 kids and recently "redid" their bath on a budget. We put in 4 of the double hooks. Each child now has a Target galvanized bucket on one of their hooks with a cute tag and ribbon. They hold their washcloth, lotions for the girls, and mouthwash. LOVE it!


I think I love you! I have baskets more than buckets. But they accomplish the same thing!

And it's not a sickness. I love it!!!!!!


I too love buckets & love seeing your ideas for what to put in them.

I'm wondering if you have any good ideas on car organization. I have 2 small children (2 & 5) & we like to keep small toys in the car (in a plastic bucket), but it's just not working for us. Everything ends up all over the backseat! Do you have any ideas for me, possibly to keep their toys separate (I have a boy & a girl) & organized? Thanks!


I love Good Pails to Have!!! What a great webstore!
I use pails for storage all over the place. Some are so cute! Usually for pens I use my favourite mugs. They are much less likey to get broken when used for storage than when used for drinking.

Bobbi in KY

We have a "Dollar General" store in our town (actually two of them) and they have all kinds of brightly colored buckets in stock for summertime!!! WOOHOO


Thanks for sharing! I picked up five last time I was in Target. Love them!


Hi.. I just found your blog and I am in love with all of pails! Your organization is wonderful... I am in spired to go home and get busy in my meds cabinet. :)

Org Junkie

Yep it's a sickness, I definitely have it too...LOL


Thanks for all the bucket ideas!! I went to Target and found four red ones that I will be using in my scrapbook room but now I have ideas for other areas in my house.
I also signed up for your talk on Friday and am looking forward to some more great ideas!!!


I love your buckets! I went to Target at least four times in the past week and the only buckets they had are the rectangle. They just had the round ones so I hope they get restocked!


You have such great Ideas I guess I need to buy more buckets!


What great ideas! I am inspired! I wonder if my husband would think I was totally crazy if I drove 35 miles to our nearest target to buy $15 worth of buckets?

If I get my hands on some I plan to use them for goodie "bags" for my little girls birthday - it will be a gardening theme.

I wanted to mention to Heather how we organize our kid's toys in the backseat.We have a backseat organizer for each child. Each one has a big pocket at the bottom for books and such, and then several smaller pockets for crayons, snacks, happy meal toys, etc., and the top middle pocket holds a cup. It works for us!


If that yellow cleaning supplies bucket is so heavy... then why, sweet woman, is it on the very tippy top shelf?


Another great idea for the those lil galvanized buckets at the Target $ spot...batteries...dump them in there, label it with your lil Making Memories tagger and they all look cute and organized. Each size battery has it's own bucket!

Laurie S.

Hi - I use those rectangular plastic bins (the white ones from Wal-Mart/Target) to store the lids for my Tupperware/Rubbermade containers. I have one for round lids and one for squares and rectangles.

Laura T.

You are SOOOO organized. I LOVE all of the bucket uses you have incorporated in your daily life.

Jane S.

Other buckets in the crop studio: a bucket for all those Making Memories rubon alphabets; a bucket for decorative edge scissors

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