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May 11, 2007

i've been tagged!

twice! First by Gretchen. And then by Carolyn. Oops! So without further delay, here are 7 random things about me.

1. I'm an American Idol junkie. Started watching the show in season 1 and have been totally hooked ever since. And as a bonus random thing ... Jordin makes me cry when she sings. Often.

2. This week I celebrated my ten year wedding anniversary. I feel like such a lucky girl.

3. It truly is the simple things that make me happy from colorful melamine bowls, to a mason jar of gerbera daisies, to reading books with my kiddos.


4. I have lived in 4 states that start with the letter M: Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Missouri.

5. My first published scrapbook project appears in this Simple Scrapbooks Special Issue. In a million years, I never dreamed I'd have a scrapbook project published. C-raze-E!

6. I love avocados. (Now if that's not interesting, what is?) 

7. I find creating lists like this incredibly uncomfortable. ;) there you have it! And now ... I get to tag seven lucky winners! I'm randomly selecting seven people who have commented on this blog recently. Here we go ... Elizabeth, Telah, Stephanie, Jenni, Lisa, Lisa and Lynn.


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lol! about lists like this making you uncomfortable! ;-) Thanks for playing! I love AI to but have only watched it for two seasons, it is very addicting. Those bowls are so cute!!! Love the colors!

Stephanie Carty

Mine is up on my blog Aby..thanks for tagging me! :)


I stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! It's random (like me), but flowing, thoughtful, and quite interesting. Awesome! P.S. I LOVE avocados, too!!!! I could eat them on a train, or in the rain, or in a car or with a jar (?)!!! Love 'em!

Scrapping Servant

Thanks for playing along Aby, I love avocados too! I used to have a tree when I was young and I would eat them with just salt.


thanks for the tag!!!
I was tagged and made a random list a few months back. find it here:

I am going to make a new list for you-- 7 random things I'm loving right now-- I'll be sure to link back to you when it's finished!



I finally blogged about the random thigs! I have been a slacker blogger lately. :(
come check it out.

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