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October 06, 2006

"you're blogging about a lunch box?"

These were the words of my five year old this morning.

"Yep," I said.

"That's weird," she replied.

Hmmm ... I guess she's right. It is odd. It's odd that my five year old daughter knows what it means to blog. And, arguably, "lunch boxes" is an odd topic. But probably most odd of all: I think it's perfectly normal. Anyway ... here it is. The "lunch box" in question:


This falls into the category of a simple little solution to make an every day "to-do" just a notch easier. It's a bin full of lunch-making essentials: napkins, spoons, thermos, baggies, brown lunch bags, peanut butter, bread, crackers and other small snacks. This little gem, simple and "weird" as it may be to blog about, saves time. Everything you need to make lunch ... in arms reach. Love that.

And don't forget the label:


Have I told you about my friend the storage bin label? I love these labels. I use a printed template --- so I can pick the font and color. It makes nice, big, easy to read, reusable labels. Fun, isn't it? You can find them at Wal-Mart ... sometimes. Due to my complete love of this product, and the inability to reliably find it at Wal-Mart, we carry them in our store. The uses for these little gems is endless!

So ... it's a quick, simple easy project that will save you time each and every day. Have fun!


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Pam Tremble

I also have an organized system for lunches. I work in a corporate setting and bring my lunch to work every day. On Sunday afternoon I pack my lunches for the entire week. Well sorta. It's a simple lunch of a sandwich, something crunchy and usually Jell-O. So on Sunday I make sugar-free Jell-o and pour it into small single serving bowls with lids. I then put two slices of bread into 5 baggies each. I pack the lunchmeat into individual bowls or baggies. I pack my salads or carrot sticks or whatever crunchie thing I decide on into baggies or bowls too. In my fridge I have a designated place for lunch stuff that's packed. And have another designated spot in a cupboard for the other lunch stuff that doesn't need refrigeration. In the morning it literally takes me 30 seconds to grab the 4 things and pack them in the lunch book. So 30-45 minutes of work on the weekend allows me to sleep in for an extra 10 minutes every morning. :)



I do something similar for my kids but don't keep it in a cute little container (if I had the room I would though!). I've got a dedicated shelf for specific lunch stuff... and a whole other shelf for chips. :-) Those labels are great!

Enjoy your weekend!


Wow, what great ideas...I love that! Being prepared makes the mundane task of making lunches so much better! Do you keep the large basket in your pantry? Wow, I'm going to try some of these ideas this weekend...thanks!

And, congrats on the new life exciting and has truly inspired me to step out of my own comfort zone and take chances!


My daughter buys her lunch at school, but I have to pack her snack. I did great at remembering last year, but for some reason this year, I have forgotten to send her snack bag out the door with her. I do have a special bin put up high for just the snacks for her to take (that way they don't get eaten up through the day) and we put her juices in the freezer so they will be thawed by the time she has snack. Now, I think I should go ahead and have the bags packed, ready to go, minus putting the frozen drink in. then I shouldn't have the problem of forgetting. Thanks!


This is great! I the snacky stuff on the same shelf, but it never occured to me to put the bags and such together with them. (and I keep my baggies and brown sacks in different places for some reason) I love the ideas Pam added as well. Huge Thanks to both of you.

And best of luck on "taking the leap". It has got to be scary, but I'm sure it will work out well for you.


Love this idea!! My husband usually takes leftovers each day for lunch but when our 2 little ones get old enough for packed lunches I will definitely remember this idea. Simple things like this make life run so much smoother! Thanks for sharing!


I pack my lunch every evening while I'm preparing our supper.

I pack it all in a cooler bag so that in the morning, I literally walk to the fridge, grab the bag and go.

In my cooler bag, I pack cereal, yoghurt, bread, lunch meat, cucumber &/or tomato, and my two fruits.


Shelby Cariker

I have exactly the same container with my lunch stuff in my cabinet! It's new for me this school year and has already saved SO much time in the mornings!


Kelly M

What a great idea! I've got a fussy eater who'll take lunches to school starting next year - I hope you put it in a 'back to school' prep newsletter next year so I don't forget!! (ok, a good organizer would put a post it note or something in her calendar for August 2007, right? I'll do that too)


This is so great. I read this last week and immediately put this plan into action. What a time saver!


Great ideas!

Jade @ No Longer 25

This is such a great idea - I just need to get myself some big storgage bins.


I just recently found your blog and I am loving all the wonderful ideas you share! I really do love this idea, I realized last night I was running all over the kitchen getting baggies, bread, spoons!! I will so have to incorporate this idea to my kitchen!!




That is a brilliant idea! My daughter just started school and I have to make my husband a packed lunch as well so this would be really helpful!

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Never seen so many comments about a lunch box, lol. Good on you for doing it!

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