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April 22, 2006

my refrigerator ... a rare glimpse inside

So I tried to inspire you all with my creative labeling ... and surprisingly ... what was most interesting to many was the labels in my fridge. I will say, labeling the inside of my refrigerator has been life changing. No kidding. When you use something every single day, multiple times a day, it's a big thing to make it simple to use. And labels, quite simply, make life simpler.

But first ... I just have to share my dream refrigerator. Are you ready? OK ... follow this link  and click on the photo gallery. It's simply divine ...

OK ... back to the real world. Here's my labeled fridge.


A few things to notice ... before we see more pictures. 1) it's not perfect! To me, the point of getting organized is something much greater than perfection. It's to make life a little bit more fun, and a little bit easier ... so we have time to do things that make us happy. 2) If you zoom in really close, you'll see lunch-ables. I, by no means, advocate the eating of lunch-ables. In a weak moment at the grocery store, I caved in to my 7 year-old son's pleadings and treated him to just one! 3) lots of eggs ... we're dong a south beach diet of sorts ... so the eggs are in three places: where they belong, in the meat drawer, and on the overflow shelf.

In case you can't read the labels, here's what they are from top to bottom

left side / right side:
overflow / leftovers
eggs / meat (drawer)
soda / condiments (turn table - love this!)
veggies / fruit

My husband Jay really likes the leftovers area. It helps to designate a single spot for leftovers. You're more likely to look for your leftovers when the hunt is isolated to a specific area. Plus, when you run out of space in the leftovers area ... you likely have something that's old and needs to be pitched. It's as close to self maintaining as possible. The leftovers is right next to the overflow (the place I put things for special recipes or things that don't fit elsewhere (like eggs!) Sometimes the overflow overflows into the leftovers area ... and you know what? That's OK. It's good to have fresh spinach instead of leftovers, don't you think? Spinach is a super-food, after all. OK ... I'm digressing. Here's one more photo of my fridge:


Not that it needs explaining ... but this is the door! The labels on the door are as follows (from top to bottom):

left side / right side
butter / milk (it makes me very happy that milk fits on the door - it's the little things that bring me joy!)
salad dressing + salsa / cheese (in the other joy creating area of my fridge - the little pull down storage drawer on the door. Love this too!)
pickles + mustard
sweet stuff / basic condiments (sweet stuff being jelly, ice cream toppings and the like and basic condiments are ketchup and mustard (should have relish in there, too, need to pick that up at the store.) Note that the basic condiments are in a handled carrying basket - great for BBQ's and other outdoor eating events. Just grab the basket and you're good to go.)

OK ... so there you have it, my refrigerator. Who knew I'd be posting pictures of my fridge on a blog??? Renee made me do it. :)

(You would have done it, too, if Renee asked!)


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Love the pics of your fridge...I am so inspired to get that labeler out and put it to good use!
Thanks for sharing the pics.

Emine Pala


This so much fun and inspiring... It looks very good!!!
I will do it myself one these days...
Thank you so much



Wow, this is incredible. I honestly do not know if I can be this organized in my refrigerator, but I may give it try.

Usually I'm shoving things around, just to find room to fit things in.


that lazy susan idea ROCKS! i hate diggin' for "stuff"!


I love this! Even stranger, FI loves it, too. Says WE ought to do that to OUR fridge. Also says HE'S willing to do it!!! Who knew...


Okay...just got to say that's a lot of eggs!


I saw this and went out right away to buy a label maker! Right now Office Depot has the P-touch 65 on sale for only $9.99, reg 29.99!!


Fabulous post ... I'm getting so much inspiration from your blog about how I can organise myself better. I'm getting a new fridge myself very soon and I am definitely going to go with labelling now! THANK YOU!

Wendy Smedley

What is it with all of the eggs?
Love it!


I found your blog linked in my friend's blog list, and sooo glad I found your blog! I am in need of organizing tips and inspiration!

I love how organized your fridge looks, and the labels probably help it stay that way, too! No more guessing when putting away groceries. Even the kids can help maintain it better!

I love the lazy suzan thing and the basket idea for picnic condiments. Wow! Waaay kewl ideas! Thanks for sharing!!!



Thanks so much for posting pics of your fridge! Very cool. Great ideas that I'm definitely going to use in my new fridge. I'm hoping the labels will keep my husband from stuffing things where they'll fit!! ;0)


i am a neat freak, but i dont know about the is usually half empty cause i dont cook!

love to see your organizing ideas!


I love that you have a lazy susan in the fridge -- what a great idea!!

Kristy Ann

wow, you have a lot of eggs! lol
fun post :)


Ok, the best thing about these photos is that I have proof positive that I'm not the only one who took the label maker and labeled the fridge. Yay! I'm not alone!

Julie S.

I just showed this to DH and he thinks it's a GREAT idea! I guess I'll be cleaning the refrigerator tomorrow! I DO have a lazy susan, and I LOVE it! The leftovers section is what sold me on this. Thanks!


I just spent the past 2 days organizing the pantry. The fridge is definitly next. Thanks for the inspiration.

Bobbi in KY

great ideas Aby


I love my labelmaker, but I've never thought of labelling the inside of my fridge! What a brilliant idea, I'll have to blog your post, this is too good not to share.



I am either hot or cold on organizing (haha) - anyway, I do have my refrigerator labeled & I think it helps A LOT! And buddy, you better put stuff on the right shelf!!!

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