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April 08, 2006

Question About Using Drawers for Organizing

Q:  When you use drawers for organization what is the best way to make them work for you without putting a lot of money into dividers!  My drawers are 3", 5" and 7", I want to use my space wisely without more $$.

A:  For stamps I like to use the packaging from the manufacturer but rearrange the stamps by theme … so spring stamps go together, Christmas stamps go together, letters and phrases are together, etc. Assuming you still have the packaging you could reorganize the stamps into groupings that make sense to you, put them into the containers from the manufacturer and load up your drawers. Label the outside of the drawer so you know what’s inside. By keeping the stamps together in the manufacturer’s container, you’ll have the added bonus of a grab-and-go container if you crop away from home.

For ribbons and fibers, how about using a bull-dog clip to group ribbons together by color? Then, attach a small nail (assuming your drawers are wooden) to the back of the drawer to keep the clips in place. This system will also allow you to take out a group of ribbons for designing a layout or cropping on the go.

For other small items … look at the dollar store for inexpensive containers. Look for ice cube trays, muffin tins, ramekins or other kitchen items that will fit in your drawers but keep small items separated. You can also find inexpensive wire baskets at the dollar store which could be good for keeping frames and notepads contained and manageable.

Good luck!!


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I have to share something I just discovered the other day that pertains to kitchen drawers. I have a deep drawer where I keep my spatulas, tongs, and the like. The typical drawer organizers are very shallow. I needed something deeper. So I purchased metal/mesh CD holders and 3 of them fit nicely in the drawer. Now I can see what I'm looking for whereas before I had one big mess and a drawer organizer buried at the bottom.

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